Azipod 217 Tonnes

Marine & Port

Cargo Azipod 217 Tonnes
From Rotterdam, the Netherlands
To Freeport, Bahama's
Details Unfortunately, a cruise ship’s Alaskan summer season was brought to a premature end when it suffered persistent propulsion problems. We were called to quickly mobilize and deliver the spare pod to the Freeport, Bahamas shipyard for an exchange. This move had extreme time constraints and required chartering of a heavy-lift vessel, SAL - M/V Gloria, last in – first out that could load in Rotterdam prompt and travel at full speed to arrive at the shipyard within a small window of opportunity.

The azipod had a weight of 217 Tonnes and required engineers to travel to Rotterdam for final inspection of the pod before we could place in horizontal position for transport and bring alongside the MV Gloria. The engineering work required, preparation for transport, and the mobilization alongside vessel was performed within a few days after receiving the call. The pod was delivered on time and was able to discharge on the agreed time frame allowing our client to make the required repairs in order to get the cruise ship back underway.

Our ability to promptly secure a heavy lift vessel with the required speed to make the delivery deadline allowed our client to have the cruise ship back in service for a new voyage at the end of September and thus minimizing the time she was out of service.

Along with delivery of the spare pod we were able to assist our client with loading the damaged pod, and a second pod, back to Rotterdam for direct discharge to barge for transport to Frouard and final delivery to Champigneulles where the pods will be repaired for future service. We trust that in the near future our client will be giving us a call to coordinate the transport of the repaired pods back from Champigneulles to Rotterdam and place into storage so we can once again be “at the ready” in case called upon!
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