Shiplift 1,005 Tonnes

Marine & Port

Cargo Shiplift 1,005 Tonnes
From Jebel Ali, UAE
To Goa, India
Details NMT Dubai was contracted this job for movement of 1 shiplift (single lift weight 1005 Tonnes) Dims: 120 x 28.2 x 3.5 metres from Jebel Ali to Goa.

Scope of work as follows:

- Load out from yard at Jebel Ali onto SPMT's (Self Propelled Modular Trailers)
- Transport from yard to port of Jebel Ali
- Load out of the shiplift onto semi-submersible barge which also required ballast/de ballast operations
- Seafastening, survey and stability calculations
- Seatransportion from Jebel Ali to Goa.
- Positioning the barge and shiplift into the Naval Dock in Goa
- Carrying out ballast operations, enable to lower the shiplift onto rams in the dock.

As per initial load out plan, the shiplift was to be moved as a single unit, however, due to logistic problems in obtaining a suitable barge, the shiplift was split into two sections and shipped separately on two barges. Thereafter, at the Naval Dock yard in Goa, both shiplift units were positioned in place and aligned where they could be moulded together and finally lowered onto the hydraulic lifting rams.

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