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Cargo 2 Plain Tamping Machines & 2 Ballast Regulators Railmachines
From Doncaster, Nottingham & Hitchin, UK
To Fremantle, Australia
Details NMT Projects Australia Ltd. was awarded in March, 2011 for transportation of 2 Plain tamping and 2 Ballast regulator railmachines from ex works in UK (Doncaster, Nottingham and Hitchin) to delivery on site in Australia. Due to the size and undercarriage of the machines, special designed heavy-duty trailers for railmachines were used. The machines where rolled on/off the trailers by the use of winches. Thefore, no cranes where needed to load on/off the trailers. On behalf of the client, NMT also provided the cleaning of the machines in order to meet the strict requirements for the Australian Quarantine. After the cleaning, the machines were delivered to Southampton and discharged directly from the heavy-duty trailers onto the carrier’s mafi-trailers. Finally, the machine were rolled onboard the Ro/Ro vessel for destination Fremantle and Brisbane. NMT The Netherlands branche took care of the UK inland transport and shipment and NMT Australia branche took care of receiving the cargo and transport to final destination on site.
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