Lake Cruiser Nicaragua

Crafts, Workboats & Yachts

Cargo Lake Cruiser 25,00 x 7,30 x 11,60 metres - 62 Tonnes
From Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua
To Puerto Momotombo, Nicaragua
Details NMT Projects Nicaragua was awarded the lifting and transport of a Lakecruiser, an aluminum passenger vessel of about 62 Tonnes, 25 metres long x 7,3 metres wide x 11,60 metres height. NMT arranged for the total transport concept which included the lifting from the water and placing onto NMT’s modular trailer at the Pacific seaport of Puerto Sandino, transporting the vessel to Puerto Momotombo on the shores of Lake Managua, while passing narrow streets in towns and villages along the way. At the final desination, a temporary quay has been made to allow a good foundation for the 2 cranes to lift the vessel into Lake Managua. Obviously this transport caught the attention of all the media including TV stations accross the country and brought a lot of positive publicity for NMT Central America as such.
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